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Understand how to connect SendGrid Email as an email sender with SalesBlink

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Hi there!👋

In this guide, you will learn how to connect SendGrid Email as an email sender📧with SalesBlink to use in your cold email sequences.

Note: Since SendGrid only provides SMTP API, this is something you should know:

  • You won't be able to track replies 📈

  • Unified Inbox won't work 📧

  • Email WarmUp🔥won't work

Connecting SendGrid with SalesBlink

1. Creating a SendGrid API Key

  1. Login to your SendGrid Account.

  2. Create an API Key with at least "Mail" permissions.

3. Copy your API Key and save it in a safe place, SendGrid will not show this again.

Now that we have all the required details from SendGrid, we will use them to connect SendGrid to SalesBlink.

2. Connecting SendGrid with SalesBlink

  1. Navigate to Email Senders & click on "Add Sender".

  2. Select "SMTP"

3. Enter the details as follows:

Your Name: This is your name as displayed to the receiver.
Sender Username: apikey

Sender Email Address: Your email address that you are connecting.
Sender Password: Your SendGrid API key that was created.

SMTP Host:
SMTP Port: 587

4. Hit "Next" and your email address will be connected.

5. (optional) Set your email signature. 🖊️

6. (optional) Set your custom domain for better email deliverability.

7. (optional) Calculate your deliverability score. 💯

🚀 That's all, your email address is added as a sender now!

3. Launch your Cold Email Sequence

You can now use your SendGrid email address to launch cold emails sequences.

There are a couple of ways to go about this:

Common reasons for error

  1. Make sure to set your username to the string apikey. This setting is the exact string "apikey" and not the API key itself.


How many emails can I send using SendGrid SMTP API?

Hope you found this guide useful! 😃

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