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Launch Cold Email Sequences
Cold Email Sequences from Scratch (Advance)
Cold Email Sequences from Scratch (Advance)

Learn how to create a cold email sequence from scratch

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Hi there πŸ‘‹,

Looking for more control over your sequences and think you can do better than BlinkGPT AI? πŸ€–

You can create cold email sequences from scratch using our block based sequence creator.

But first, let's create a simple sequence from scratch.

Launching your Sequence πŸš€

  1. Head over to Sequences and click "Create New Sequence".

2. Select "From Scratch".

3. Enter a name for your sequence & click "Create Sequence".

4. Add a Source Block.
This will be your list of leads πŸ™Ž or CRM integration, from where leads will be added to the sequence.

5. Add Outreach & Condition Blocks to create your sequence.

Check our Sequence Creator Blocks Glossary to learn about all types of blocks.

6. Click "Save & Schedule" to customize your sequence settings. βš™οΈ

7. Schedule your Sequence

(required) Pick a Date/Time for your sequence to start.

(optional) Set a random delay to be added between emails that will be sent.

(optional) Configure Sending Hours & days on which your sequence should run.

12. Customize your sequence settings
(required) Select your Email Sender(s) or add new & refresh the dropdown.
(optional) Send all emails as BCC to your CRM.
(optional) Review emails in Outbox
(optional) Stop sequence for lead when they reply
(optional) Track Email Opens, Link clicks in emails & Email Replies

13. Once done, hit "Review".

14. If everything looks okay click "Schedule".

If you choose to review emails πŸ“§ before they are sent or scheduled, you will need to approve them in Outbox.

(Optional) Review & Approve Emails in Outbox

  1. Select the sequence you just created from options on the left.

  2. Click on a lead.

  3. Review the drafted emails πŸ“§ and edit if required.

4. Choose to send now or send as scheduled.

Hope you found this help doc useful! πŸ˜ƒ

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