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BlinkGPT AI Personalized Sequences

Learn how to create BlinkGPT AI personalized sequences in SalesBlink

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Hi there!πŸ‘‹

With BlinkGPT AI πŸ€– Personalized Sequences, you can send personalized emails πŸ“§ to each one of your leads.

BlinkGPT AI πŸ€– will check the details of the lead from their website & LinkedIn & will accordingly draft personalized emails, you can review & approve them in Outbox to be sent. It's that simple.

πŸ”΄ BlinkGPT AI drafts unique emails for each lead, you will be required to approve the emails in Outbox before they can be sent.

This is to ensure nothing offensive is sent.

Let's launch your sequence with BlinkGPT AI

Launching your Sequence πŸš€

  1. Head over to Sequences and click "Create New Sequence".

2. Click on "BlinkGPT AI Personalized".

3. Fill the details, these help BlinkGPT AI πŸ€– personalize emails for each lead in your list.
Sequence Name
Your Name
Your Product/Service Name
Your Product/Service Offer
Here are some example offers:πŸ‘‡
​1. We sell digital marketing services like SEO, PPC & Content Marketing to SaaS companies in USA.
2. We export all types of shirts from Bangladesh to anywhere in the world, our shirts are for both men and women.
3. We help content creators on Youtube/Instagram/TikTok to setup paid courses, everything from idea generation to shoot.

4. Click "Create Personalized Sequence".

5. You are now on sequence creator page.

6. Let's add a Source Block for your BlinkGPT AI πŸ€– Personalized Sequence by clicking "Add New Source".

7. Click on "Leads from List(s)".

You can select another source type like CRM Integration or List Segments as well.

8. Select your List(s) & hit Insert.

BlinkGPT AI πŸ€– will personalize the emails for the leads in these lists.

9. (Optional) You can add more email follow-up blocks with delays or keep it as it is.

10. Hit Save & Schedule. πŸ’Ύ

11. Schedule your Sequence

(required) Pick a Date/Time for your sequence to start.

(optional) Set a random delay to be added between emails that will be sent.

(optional) Configure Sending Hours & days on which your sequence should run.

12. Customize your sequence settings
(required) Select your Email Sender(s) or add new & refresh the dropdown.
(optional) Send all emails as BCC to your CRM.
(required) Review emails in Outbox
(optional) Stop sequence for lead when they reply
(optional) Track Email Opens, Link clicks in emails & Email Replies

13. Once done, hit "Review".

14. If everything looks okay click "Schedule".

You will be redirected πŸ”„ to Outbox, where you will approve the personalized emails πŸ“§written for each of your lead by BlinkGPT AI.

Review & Approve Emails in Outbox πŸ€–

  1. Select the sequence you just created from options on the left.

  2. Click on a lead.

  3. Review the BlinkGPT AI drafted emails and edit if required.

4. Choose to send now or send as scheduled.

And it's that simple to launch a personalized cold email sequence with BlinkGPT AI.

Hope you found this help doc useful! πŸ˜€

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