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Learn about the different types of blocks in the SalesBlink Sequence Creator to be used for sequences.

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Hi there!πŸ‘‹

With SalesBlink you can create super complicated cold email πŸ“§ sequences with easy & fun UI.

In the SalesBlink Sequence Creator, you can choose blocks and place them at the right places to create unique sequences according to your requirements.

Afterwards, just customize the settings to make the sequence behave according to your goals. 🎯

Let's dive into what these blocks are and how to use them. πŸ˜€

Types of Blocks

1️⃣ Source Blocks

These blocks are added at the top of sequence and act as a source, i.e. which leads should be in this sequence.

You can add multiple source blocks in your a single sequence as well.

These are the different source blocks you can use,

Leads from List(s)

Select upto 10 lists & insert them as a source for your sequence.

Segment by Events

Create a segment by selecting a list & filter by email events like:

  • Email is Opened

  • Email Link is Clicked

  • Email Reply

Or any custom task events you might have created.

Segment of List

Create a segment of leads in a list which have certain data mapped with SalesBlink Variables.

You can filter by the following:

  • Where SalesBlink Variable for a lead Exists

  • Where SalesBlink Variable for a lead contains specific text

  • Where SalesBlink Variable for a lead does not contains specific text

Leads from CRM

Integrate with your CRM & pull leads in real time from lists, views or pipelines.

2️⃣ Outreach Blocks

There are two outreach blocks, helps you either send cold emails πŸ“§ or create manual tasks to perform at the right time πŸ•°οΈin sequence.

Cold Email

With this block, you can insert your email templates in a sequence.

Configure Send As to send the email as a follow-up.


Using the task block, you can insert a task in your sequence.

3️⃣ Condition Blocks

Using the condition blocks, you can control the flow where the leads go next in your sequence.


Add a delay between blocks like cold emails or tasks.

If/Else (Rules)

Create rules based on certain trigger events of the last block and send your leads to the next block accordingly.

A/B Split

Split your leads in the sequence in two halves.

4️⃣ Action Blocks

These blocks help you perform actions on the leads once they reach a certain point in the sequence.

Move lead to List

When the lead reaches this block in sequence, they will be moved from their current list to this new selected list.

Archive Lead

When the lead reaches this block in sequence, they will be archived in the same list.

End Sequence

When the lead reaches this block in sequence, the sequence will end for them.

Unsubscribe Lead

When the lead reaches this block in sequence, they will be unsubscribed from your account.

Sequence Settings βš™οΈ

Once your sequence is ready, you can either save it as paused or launch it right away.

Saving it as paused will save the sequence for later use.

If you wish to launch πŸš€your sequence right away, you will be configuring sequence settings.

Schedule Date/Time & Time zone πŸ“…

You can select a date/time & time zone when you wish your sequence to start sending emails,

Also, the email senders will follow their working hours for this time zone.

Email Senders

These are the email addresses used to send emails πŸ“§ to the leads in this sequence.

You can select multiple email senders and they will autorotate between your leads in the sequence.


If you are using a CRM that we do not support yet then you can add the BCC email of your CRM here to add all the outgoing emails πŸ“§ in your CRM.

Review Emails in Outbox

If you wish to review the variables & personalize the emails further then you can choose this option.

Once choose, no emails will be sent unless you approve the emails from Outbox.

Stop Sequence on Reply

Use this option to stop the sequence for the leads that replies to your email, sequence will keep running for other leads.

For that lead only

Choose this when you wish to stop the sequence for the particular lead when they reply & keep the sequence running for everyone else.

For all leads with same domain

Choose this when you wish to stop the sequence for a particular domain/website & keep the sequence running for everyone else.

For example, if your list of leads contain the following:

As soon as [email protected] will reply, your sequence will stop sending emails to both

While your sequence will keep sending emails to other leads in the list. πŸ“‹

Schedule for Verified Leads

If your source blocks have lists that have been verified βœ…, then you will be able to choose to send the emails only to:

  • Leads with Valid Emails

  • Leads with Risky Emails

  • Leads with Invalid Emails

Tracking Emails πŸ“ˆ

You can choose to track the following:

  • Email Opens

  • Link Clicks in Emails

  • Email Replies

Note: If you are not tracking email replies then Inbox won't work.

Hope you found this help doc useful! πŸ˜€

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