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Step 1: Technical Setup
Step 1: Technical Setup

Learn all about the technical setup before you launch your cold email sequences

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Hello there πŸ‘‹,

In this three part guide, we'll cover everything technicalπŸ› οΈyou need to setup before you kickoff your cold email πŸ“§ outreach sequences on Autopilot.

Step 1: Technical Setup (You are here)

Let's start with some basic technical setup.

Do not worry! We've made the technical parts as easy to accomplish as possible.

πŸ”΄ Prerequisites:

Your SalesBlink Account

There are two types of emails πŸ“§ you should be familiar with

Login Email

Email Sender/Account

Used for:

  • Login

  • Billing & Account Information

Used for:

  • Sending Cold Email Sequences

πŸ’‘ You guesses that right, Both Login Email & Email Sender can be different.

πŸ’‘ You can even add unlimited email senders in any of our plans.

Connecting an Email Sender πŸ“§

The first step in your cold email outreach journey will be to connect your email sender, this is the email address that will be used to send the cold emails.

We support almost all types of Email Addresses under the sun:




You can connect Google/Microsoft emails using our Native Integration.

You will need to do some setup to connect SMTP/IMAP emails from other providers like Zoho Mail.

You will need to do some setup to connect SMTP Only emails from other providers like SendGrid or AWS SES.

Step by Step Guides:

Step by Step Guides:

Step by Step Guides:

Once your email sender is connected, you can move on to launching your cold email sequence directly. πŸš€

Or if you are not in a hurry, then it's recommended that you follow the next parts to ensure good email πŸ“§ deliverability.

(Optional) Technical DNS Setup

To maximize email deliverability & ensure that your emails πŸ“§ land in Inbox, you should setup the following in your DNS settings:

  • SPF record

  • DMARC record

  • DKIM record

The setup is a bit different depending on your unique combination of Email Service Provider & DNS Provider, but follow the guide to get it setup.

(Optional) Custom Domain for Email Tracking πŸ“ˆ

Emails πŸ“§ are tracked by default using our in-house domain.

But to improve your email deliverability, it's a good idea to use your own custom domain or subdomain.

(Optional) Setup your Meeting Scheduler

Get booked with your leads without the back & forth.

Simply set up your meeting scheduler link & your leads will be able to book a time with you.

Meeting scheduler will check your calendar to ensure there are no conflicts.

As all things about technical setup are complete,

Let's launch a cold email sequence now! πŸš€

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