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Bulk upload & connect SMTP/IMAP emails
Bulk upload & connect SMTP/IMAP emails

Learn how to bulk upload SMTP/IMAP email senders at once with SalesBlink

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Hi there!πŸ‘‹

Planning a massive cold outreach sequence?

You must be aware that if you use a few email senders to send large volumes then the emails are doomed to end up in Spam. ⚠️

But we've got you covered. πŸ‘

With SalesBlink, you can bulk upload up to 100 SMTP/IMAP email senders at once.

Bulk Upload Email Senders

  1. Navigate to Email Senders and hit "Add Sender".

  2. Select Bulk Upload SMTP/IMAP Email Senders.

3. Download the sample CSV file & fill all the details of your email senders.

4. Upload the CSV file & hit Save.

Depending on the number of email senders you added, they should be ready for sending in few minutes. πŸ‘


By mistake I uploaded email senders with wrong credentials, now what?

  • Just re-upload the CSV file with correct credentials & SalesBlink will update the credentials for email senders.

I uploaded the file but only one or a few email senders got connected.

  • Make sure no cell in your CSV file contains a comma "," as it breaks the CSV file.

What if I want to bulk update Email WarmUp or other settings?

  • Just re-upload the CSV with updated information & SalesBlink will update the settings of email senders.

Hope you found this help doc useful! πŸ˜€

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