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Step 3: Inbox & Reports
Step 3: Inbox & Reports

A quick guide to SalesBlink's reports of cold email sequences

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Hi there πŸ‘‹,

You've almost mastered SalesBlink by now. πŸ€“

In this guide, you will be adding some leads, setting up & launching πŸš€ your cold email sequence.

Step 3: Inbox & Reports (You are here)

πŸ”΄ Prerequisites:

Unified Inbox πŸ“₯

All your replies land in the unified inbox, for all the email addresses you have connected as senders.

You can manage the leads who replied here, & even spark the conversation & get them to book a meeting.

Sequence Reports πŸ“ˆ

There are 4 primary ways to analyze reports of your cold email sequences. πŸ“§

Sequence Stats

Sequence Step by Step Reports

Email Sending Schedule

Sequence Report Logs

Quick glimpse of what's going on with your sequence.

In depth step by step analysis of where your leads are in the sequence.

A calendar view of emails scheduled & sent.

Logs for each individual email sent or scheduled.

Hope you found this help doc useful! πŸ˜ƒ

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