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Embed Meeting Scheduler

Learn how to embed SalesBlink's Meeting Scheduler

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Hi there! πŸ‘‹

You can easily embed your meeting scheduler on your website with SalesBlink's Meeting Scheduler. Get your leads to book meetings & minimize the back-and-forth involved in scheduling meetings. πŸ“†

Chances are high that you may want to embed your meeting scheduler link into your website 🌐 so that prospects can schedule a meeting πŸ“† with you from within your website.

We understand that it goes a long way in improving your branding.

That's why we have made it quite easy to embed the meeting scheduler into your website.

  1. Here's how to go about it, Go to Meet and click on 'Embed' on the top right hand side of the page.

2. A pop-up with the embed code will appear.✨

3. Copy that code and paste it to your page's HTML.

And you are done! You just embedded the meeting scheduler into your website.🌐

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