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Meeting Scheduler (All Settings Explained)
Meeting Scheduler (All Settings Explained)

Know about all the settings of SalesBlink's Meeting Scheduler for seamless prospect meetings.

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Hi there πŸ‘‹,

SalesBlink's Meeting Scheduler is feature-rich and super customizable. πŸ˜ƒ

You can update your Meeting Scheduler settings by navigating to Meet Settings.

Let's explore each section of the settings & see what they have to offer. πŸ‘‡

My Meeting Link

This section lets you edit ✏️ your meeting link or use a custom domain as your meeting link.

General Settings

You can configure the look, description & colors of your meeting as well as update your avatar. πŸ™Ž

You can also configure buffer time after scheduled meetingsπŸ’», minimum notice before meetings & time-slot durations.

Working Hours

Configure working hours & days. Your meeting link πŸ”—will allow your leads to schedule a meeting in those hours. ⏲️

This helps making sure that if a meeting πŸ’» already exists in your calendar, you are not doubly booked.

Attendees List

Save your attendee leads πŸ™Ž in a list & easily launch πŸš€ an automated sequence for them (Learn How).

Booking Form

Easily qualify your leads πŸ™Žas soon as they book a meeting by asking the right questions.

Also, if you have selected a list to save the attendee leads, you can map the answers from the booking form as SalesBlink Variables in the list & use them to personalize your emails. πŸ“§

Email Notification

Configure an email notification πŸ“§ to be sent to your attendee as soon as a meeting is scheduled by them.

Email Reminder

Schedule an email reminder ⏲️ for your meeting attendee with your own template & variables.

Confirmation Redirect

This gives you the option to redirect πŸ” the page to your own website as soon as a lead books a meeting using your meeting link.

Calendar Connection

You can edit ✏️your connected Google or Outlook Calendar settings based on which calendar should the meetingsπŸ’»be saved on and which calendar should be checked for conflicts related to your upcoming meetings.

Calendar Connection

You can visit the danger zone with caution as it will make SalesBlink forget all about your Google Calendar πŸ“… and your meeting link πŸ”— will not work anymore.

Hope you found this help doc useful! πŸ˜ƒ

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