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Add Meeting Attendees to a Sequence
Add Meeting Attendees to a Sequence

Find out how to add meeting attendees to a sequence by saving them in a list.

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Hi! 👋

You can save the leads 🙎 who book a meeting with you in a list along with all the questions they answer like phone number🤙🏻, website and more.

This means you can then use the list as a source in your cold email sequence & any new lead that's added to the list 📋 will automatically be added to the sequence.

Here's how you can save meeting attendees to list.

  1. Navigate to Meet Settings.

  2. Head over to 'Attendees list' section.

  3. Select an existing list 📋or create a new one.

From now on, name & email address of everyone who books a meeting💻will be saved in the list.

Follow along if you wish to save more details in fields:

  1. Navigate to 'Booking Form Questions'.

  2. Add your Question, Type & select or type your own SalesBlink Variable.

Now along with your leads email & name, you can also save more details like phone number📱, website 🌐or whatever you need to close your leads.

Since these are saved as SalesBlink Variables, you can use them to personalize your emails as well.

Hope you found this guide useful! 😄

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