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What is Meeting Scheduler?
What is Meeting Scheduler?

Know about SalesBlink's Meeting Scheduler & how it works

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Hi there! πŸ‘‹

Wondering what a meeting scheduler is? πŸ“†
It allows your leads to schedule a meeting πŸ“† with you straightaway from your unique meeting calendar link πŸ”—.

Using one, you can streamline the process of scheduling meetings thereby eliminating the need to coordinate schedules.

It helps you reduce the back and forth involved in finding the best time to schedule meetings. πŸ“†
Using a meeting scheduler, you can share your calendar availability with leads by sharing a linkπŸ”— in emails or embedding the scheduler into your website 🌐.

You can customize your meeting scheduler link with custom availability, to sync with your calendar & insure you are not double booked and much more.

Doesn't it seem like having a meeting scheduler can make your life easier?😎

Simply setup your Meeting Scheduler by connecting your Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar.

Here's what SalesBlink's meeting scheduler looks like when you open the link in the browserπŸ‘‡

So, what are you waiting for?

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