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Enable/Disable Notifications
Enable/Disable Notifications

Learn how to enable or disable notifications notifications on SalesBlink

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Hi there! πŸ‘‹

Notifications are messages βœ‰οΈ that help you complete tasks in SalesBlink and close sales faster. 🀝

By Default Email & In-App Notifications πŸ”” are enabled.

You can opt-in to get notified on Chat channel Slack.

Let's learn how you can easily disable them,

Disabling Notifications

  1. Login to your SalesBlink account.

  2. Access notifications by clicking on the bell icon. πŸ””

3. You will see settings for different types of notifications. πŸ””

4. Click on any type of notification to disable it.

5. Flip switch to disable notifications for Email, In-App or Chat(Slack) notifications

And that's all you need to do to disable notifications.

Hope you found this help doc useful! πŸ˜ƒ

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