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Connect SalesBlink with Pipedrive
Connect SalesBlink with Pipedrive

Learn how to connect SalesBlink with Pipedrive

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Hi there! πŸ‘‹

Have you used Pipedrive? Pipedrive is a CRM tool that helps sales teams close more deals.

It offers a visual sales pipeline, automated workflows, and real-time reports to help sales teams track leads, spot opportunities, and measure key activities.

So, do you want to integrate Pipedrive with SalesBlink and make the most of its CRM features? 😎

With integration, you won't have to enter Pipedrive's data manually into SalesBlink, you can instead add contacts to SalesBlink's sequences seamlessly and launch them.

You can do that in a few simple steps! πŸ˜€

Let's begin,🌟

1️⃣ Go to your Profile in the top-right corner of the dashboard and click on 'Integrations'.

2️⃣ On the page that opens, click 'Pipedrive'.

3️⃣ Click 'Connect' to integrate SalesBlink with Pipedrive.

4️⃣ Login to your Pipedrive account by entering your login credentials. Next, grant permissions to SalesBlink by clicking on 'Allow and Install'.

You will then be redirected back to SalesBlink for mapping.

5️⃣ Map the Pipedrive properties with the variables of SalesBlink. This step is important because the terms used in Pipedrive properties may be different from those used in SalesBlink variables.

For instance, in Pipedrive the property for the name of the contact is 'Name' whereas the corresponding variable for it in SalesBlink can be 'First Name'.

Hence, mapping ensures that when you use variables in your email template, the exact value from the Pipedrive property gets replaced in the email when it is sent. Thus, mapping is required to enable email personalization.

Click the plus sign to add the mapping and the minus sign to remove it.

If you only want to add those contacts to sequences who have values for all matching variables, select the checkbox.

Next click Save.

Once you do that, your integration with Pipedrive is successfully completed and the integration properties get saved.βœ…

Here's how the integration works for you,πŸ‘‡

1️⃣ While creating an outreach sequence, you can add contacts from integration by selecting the last option in sources as you can see below.

2️⃣ Select the integration name 'Pipedrive' from the drop down menu. In the Pipedrive Settings, you can choose deals and select the pipeline, stage and owner. πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ

4️⃣ Upon selecting persons, you have to select the owner from the drop down menu.

You can select one specific contacts owner or go for 'All Users' as you can see in the image below.

It is also possible to have a control over the contacts added to your outreach sequence because you get to choose from the following 3 options:

- Contacts added from now on

- Contacts added previously

- All contacts

Select the one that you prefer.

5️⃣ Click on 'Insert' to add the contacts to the sequence.

And you are good to go! 😎 Go ahead and launch your sequence.πŸš€

Note: When the sequence runs, you can see in the activity in your Pipedrive account and know that the emails are sent to the contacts. This way, it is easier to track the communication with prospects.

Hope you found this guide helpful! 😊

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