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Connect SalesBlink with HubSpot
Connect SalesBlink with HubSpot

Learn how to connect SalesBlink with HubSpot

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Hi there!πŸ‘‹

Are you using HubSpot CRM?

You should connect your HubSpot CRM Account with SalesBlink so that you can:

  • Send Cold Emails to Contacts in different Views

  • Sync Email Stats like Opens, Clicks & Replies to HubSpot.

So, are you ready to integrate HubSpot with SalesBlink? 😎

It would surely make SalesBlink more powerful as you can add the contacts in HubSpot CRM seamlessly to SalesBlink sequences.

This way, you can save the time spent on manually entering data.

Wondering how to integrate HubSpot CRM with SalesBlink?

You can do it in a few simple steps! πŸ˜€

So, let's begin,🌟

Connect Hubspot CRM

  1. Go to your Profile in the top-right corner of the dashboard and click 'Integrations'.

  2. On the Integrations page, click 'Hubspot CRM'.

  3. Click 'Connect' to integrate SalesBlink with HubSpot.

  4. Login to your HubSpot account by entering your login credentials and grant access to SalesBlink by clicking on 'Connect app'.

5. You will be redirected back to SalesBlink for mapping properties from HubSpot to SalesBlink.

πŸ”΄ Note: You at least need to map the Email property from HubSpot as a SalesBlink Variable in order to send emails to contacts in HubSpot.

You can additionally map more properties as SalesBlink Variable.

It will come in handy while personalizing your cold emails as well.

Mapping SalesBlink Variables

  1. Select property & SalesBlink Variable from the respective dropdowns.

  2. Click on the [βž•] icon to add it.

  3. Hit save to finalize mapping of variables βœ….

Personalizing Email Template with HubSpot Properties

  1. Navigate to Templates.

  2. Click the "Create New" button & select "Create Email Template".

  3. Click on the "CRM Variables" dropdown to insert the mapped variable in the email subject line or body.

Send Emails to HubSpot Contacts

  1. Create a new sequence & select "Lead from CRM Integration" as Source. (Learn about Sources)

  2. Select your HubSpot Integration & a View from HubSpot.

And you are good to go! 😎 Go ahead and launch your sequence.πŸš€

Hope you found this guide helpful! 😊

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