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Email Deliverability Report

Learn how to check your email deliverability score & report in SalesBlink

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Hi there!πŸ‘‹

SalesBlink helps you find out your deliverability score πŸ₯… by checking your domain reputation & technical setup.

It just takes a click! 😎

Calculate Deliverability Score

  1. Head over to email senders, click on the Actions menu click "Email Deliverability Report"πŸ’―.

And your Deliverability Score with full report is ready!

2. You can check the error ⚠️ due to which your deliverability score is not 100, just click on (?) to fix the issues & score a 100.


Why is Deliverability Report not available for Free Email Addresses?

  • Since free email addresses do not have a domain, it is not possible to assign an email deliverability score to them. It's usually not a good idea to send emails with free domains anyway.

How often does email deliverability report update?

  • We update email deliverability report whenever you visit the report itself, it is not checked at the backed automatically.

Why is there πŸ›‘οΈ DKIM error even though I have added DKIM already?

  • After you have setup your DKIM in your DNS records, you'll need to update the identifier in SalesBlink as well.

  • This is required as SalesBlink ensures the encryption of DKIM is βœ… correct.

We'll show you how to set it up, but before that you need to find what your DKIM identifier is,

  1. Go to your DNS Records.

  2. Identify the DKIM (TXT) or DKIM (CNAME) record.

3. DKIM identifier is anything before "._domainkey" so in this case, it is "google"

4. Navigate to email deliverability report and click on the settings (βš™οΈ) icon on top right.

5. Enter your DKIM identifier & hit save.

That's it, SalesBlink will verify the encryption of the DKIM record to ensure it is correct & improve your email deliverability score.

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