Managing your sequences

Learn how to manage your sequences on SalesBlink effectively

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Hi There! πŸ‘‹

Managing your sequences is a piece of cake 🍰.

Pause Sequences

Just click on the three dotted menu in the Action's column to pause ⏸️ a sequence.

Once a sequence is paused, all scheduled cold emails are cancelled immediately.

Edit Sequences

Just click on the three dotted menu in the Action's column to edit ✏️ your sequence & it's settings.

Organizing Sequences

Star ⭐

Simply star your sequences by clicking on the un-filled star icon or remove by clicking on the filled star.

View your starred sequences by selecting "Starred" from the options on the left.

Folders πŸ“

You can create folders & save πŸ’Ύ your lists in that folder.

Creating a folder

  1. Click on the "Folders" dropdown on the left pane & click on "New".

2. Give your folder a name & click on "Create Folder".

Adding Sequences to a Folder πŸ“

  1. Check the sequences you wish to add to folder.

  2. From the multiple checked actions button on the top, hit "Add to Folder".

  3. Select the folder in which you would like to move the sequences to and click "Move to Folder"

4. And your lists are now organized in the folder!

Owned By πŸ‘€

Owners & Admins can access sequences of other team members by simply selecting the email address of team member from the options on the left.

Archive πŸ“

Done with the sequence?

Simply archive it from the Actions menu.

Archived sequences can be found by hitting "Archived" from the options on the left.

Once a sequence is archived, no emails πŸ“§ will be sent to the leads in the sequence.

And with this we come to the end of this help doc. Hope you found it useful! πŸ˜„


How to delete a sequence forever?

  • Currently you can archive the sequences when you don't need it anymore. There is no option to delete sequences.

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