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Why am I receiving random/useless emails?
Why am I receiving random/useless emails?

Know why you are inbox has random emails & why you needn't worry about them.

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Hi 👋,

If you are receiving such emails and are confused🤨why is it happening, don't worry.

It is because you have enabled Email WarmUp. 🔥

A refresher on how Email WarmUp🔥works:

SalesBlink has a pool of 30,000+ email addresses that

  • Send emails to each other 📧

  • Reply to emails from each other

  • Move each other's emails from Spam to Inbox

In order to improve the domain reputation of each other, these warm up emails always have a "-warmup" in the subject line.

How to Hide WarmUp Emails?

We understand that WarmUp emails can distract you from your work when you open your inbox 📧.

So, here's what you can do:

Not Recommended: You can get rid of these by disabling email warmup.

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