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Connect SalesBlink with Zapier
Connect SalesBlink with Zapier

Integrate SalesBlink with 6000+ apps available on Zapier

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Hi there!πŸ‘‹

Want to connect your SalesBlink account with other tools you use?

That's easy with Zapier! 😎

Here's the link to Install SalesBlink app on Zapier:

Just click on "Accept Invite & Build a Zap".

Once installed, you can create a Zap in Zapier by clicking on 'Create Zap'.

When an action happens on SalesBlink, it can trigger your Zapier Zap.

Available Triggers 🌟

  • New Link Click - When a link in an email is clicked.

  • New Open - When an email sent is opened.

  • New Reply - When reply is received for an email.

Your Zap can also do actions on your behalf to your SalesBlink account.

Available Actions 🌟

  • Add lead to list - Adds leads to the list you specify.

Connecting SalesBlink with Zapier 🌟

  1. Create an API Key for your account here.

  2. Submit your API Key to connect Zapier with SalesBlink.

Creating a SalesBlink Trigger based Zap 🌟

You can create a SalesBlink trigger by selecting SalesBlink for the Trigger step.

Next, select an Event for the Trigger.

That's all! Now you can connect any Action for this Trigger. Some Examples

  • When there is a new link click, save email of the lead in Google Sheets.

  • When there is a new email open, save the email of the lead to your CRM.

  • When there is a new email reply, save the email of the lead in Airtable.

Creating a SalesBlink Action based Zap 🌟

To create a Zap with SalesBlink Actions, you must select a Trigger from some other app.

It can be Google Forms, or something else.

Then select SalesBlink in the Action block.

Next, select an Event for the Action.

That's all! Now you can connect any Trigger for this Action.

Some Examples:

  • When someone fills a Google Form, add them to SalesBlink List

  • When someone is marked as a lead in your CRM, add them to SalesBlink List.

  • When someone asks a sales query on Intercom Live Chat, add them to SalesBlink List.

Hope you found this help doc useful! 😊


How to find your sequence or list ID?

  1. Navigate to Sequences or Lists, depending on what you wish to fing.

  2. Click on the three dotted actions menu.

3. Click on Details.

4. You'll find your sequence ID mentioned.

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