How Can I Send Emails From My Custom Email Server?

⚡️SalesBlink allows you to send emails through an email service provider of your choice. Isn’t this feature impressive? Now there is no need to use only one particular email service provider for your email outreach. You are free to use your custom email server. 

Here is how you can send emails with a custom email server 👇

1️⃣Go to the SalesBlink Dashboard.

2️⃣Under “Outreach”, click on “Email”.

3️⃣Click on “Settings”.

👉The email outreach settings page will open. Click on 'Add SMTP sender' a pop up will appear where you can proceed with the following steps,

1️⃣In the email service field, select 'Others' you want to connect.

2️⃣Enter the username and password.

3️⃣Enter the IMAP host and port of your custom email server.

4️⃣Click on 'Add Sender'.

When the sender gets connected successfully, the sender name gets added to the email outreach settings page. 

Now, all your emails will be sent from the custom mail account you connected to. Isn't that easy? 🙌

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