How Can I Connect My Calendar?

Time is precious, and to help save this valuable resource, we have a built-in meeting scheduler that makes the job of scheduling meetings with clients smooth for you. 

SalesBlink allows you to connect your Google calendar, enabling prospects to book meetings without any back and forth communication. Needless to say, it will simplify your life to a great extent, and all you have to do is connect your Google calendar with our tool. You wouldn't want to miss this opportunity, right? 🤔

Here Is The Step-By-Step Process To Connect Your Calendar,

1️⃣ Go to the Meetings Section.

2️⃣ Select your preferred Calendar Service, Google Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

3️⃣ Allow the permission it needs (will look different for Microsoft Outlook).

Allow the permissions SalesBlink needs

Then, you will land on a page that has calendar settings. 

4️⃣ Choose your calendar, time zone, and availability settings.

Enter the calendar information

5️⃣ Input your working hours.

Input the working hours

6️⃣ Click on "Save"

And you are done! Now, your calendar is successfully connected. 🎉

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