How To Edit Meeting Link URL?

When you reach out to people, one way of getting them interested in connecting with you is by sending them your meeting link. It looks very professional. Also, as it does away with the pile of emails involved in finalizing the date and time for the meeting, it increases your chances of closing the deal. 

You can use the meeting link to schedule your meetings manually. Your prospects can use this link to schedule meetings with you according to their convenience. 🙌

And yes, you can specify your availability in the calendar to avoid having meetings after your work hours!🎉

Wondering how to get the meeting link to place in your outreach email? Don't worry; it isn't rocket science. 

Here Is How You Can Find Your Shareable Meeting Link

1️⃣ Go to Calendar settings.

2️⃣ You can find your calendar link below the text "Your Calendar link is".

3️⃣ Change the calendar link and click "Save".

How To Set A Custom Domain?

Using a custom domain? Here's how to go about it,

1️⃣ Go to Calendar settings.

2️⃣ Scroll to the section "Set Custom Meeting Link Domain/Subdomain".

3️⃣ Enter your Domain or Subdomain.

4️⃣ Set up A Record on your DNS Provider.

Type Name Value
A Record @ or subdomain

If you need a tutorial for a specific domain provider, here are some tutorials that will be helpful: 

It can get a bit technical so you might want to get your IT team involved here.

5️⃣ Time to Verify Records!

Just click on the "Verify Records" button. If everything is set up correctly, you will be greeted with a message like "The custom domain is now active!"

💡Note: DNS Records can take up to 24 hours to update.
🔆And that's it. You can now start sending your custom meeting scheduler link to your prospects and get them to book meetings with you. 
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