How to embed Meeting Scheduler on my website?

You can embed Meeting Scheduler on your website through SalesBlink. 🎉

It is a great idea to have your meeting scheduler embedded on your website. Those interested in knowing more about your solution and who want to go ahead for a discussion can always check your availability and connect with you straight away. It looks like a perfect way to make more sales while limiting the steps involved, right? 

And yes, you don't have to know much about coding to do so! Sounds like a huge relief? 🙌 

Here Is The Step-By-Step Process 👇

1️⃣ Visit the SalesBlink dashboard.

2️⃣ Click on "Meetings" under "Closing" (Or simply click on

3️⃣ Once your meeting scheduler is connected to your email, you will find a calendar on your screen.

4️⃣ Above the calendar, you will find the option of "Embed" on the top right. Click on it.

5️⃣ You will get a code to embed. Copy the code.

6️⃣ Place this code in your page's HTML where you want your SalesBlink Meeting Scheduler to appear.

🔆 That's it, now your website has an embedded calendar! It is now time to swing into action and impress your prospects. 

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