How Can I Change My Image On Meeting Link?

Won't it be nice if you have your image appear when you send your meeting link? It will help the prospect connect better with you, and you might nail the meeting in the first shot! 🎉

 👉 Setting A picture For The First Time

Your meeting calendar image is synced with your Google or Outlook account. 🙌

And as you would have already guessed, to change the image on the meeting link, you need to change your profile picture on the associated Google or Outlook account.

 👉 Updating Picture In The Meeting Calendar

Here's an easy way to update your image in the meeting calendar,

1️⃣ Go to "Meeting Settings".

2️⃣Click on "Disconnect Calendar".

3️⃣Login with Google or Outlook.

4️⃣ Your picture can now get updated

🔆Isn't it simple?

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