How To Stop Auto Follow-Ups?

Your follow-up emails should ideally change their course or stop based on the action of the email recipient. 💡
SalesBlink lets you stop follow-up emails and other tasks based on an email reply received from the prospect. We always consider all the possibilities while planning our features to help you better, and we have done precisely that in this case. 🙌

👇 Here's how you can auto-remove follow-ups

Step 1️⃣. Create a new campaign or edit an existing one.

Step 2️⃣. While Scheduling the campaign, check on the "Disable Campaign for an Individual on Reply" box to remove follow ups as soon as the prospect replies. 

Apart from the above, you can also check on the "Disable Campaign on a Company on Reply" box.
It lets you stop the campaign for the rest of the prospects from a company as soon as someone from the concerned company replies.
💡Checking this option will automatically remove the sequence scheduled for that prospect and the remaining ones from the same company. 
And it's done! Isn't this feature a life-saver? ❣️
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