How Can I Verify Emails one at a time?

Email verification is something you can't ignore at any cost. You can't afford to be careless about it, or else your email deliverability will suffer, and your emails won't make it to the recipient's inbox. 

💡Did we scare you? Well, you can stay safe if you are extra cautious and use SalesBlink's email verifier. 

SalesBlink's email verification tool allows you to verify the emails to reduce bounces while cold emailing. 

Let's help you out a bit. Here is how you can easily verify emails manually on our platform, 👇

1️⃣ Go to the SalesBlink Dashboard. Click on "Email Verification tool".

2️⃣ Go to the section titled "Email Verification".

3️⃣ Input the email you want to verify and click on "Verify Email".

Enter email to verify

4️⃣ You will get the result just below the "Verify Email" button.

Email verification result

And Voila! 🎉You can decide whether you should go ahead with the email address based on the status you get after verification. 
🔆Your campaign delivery rate will improve to a great extent if you verify your emails. 
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