What Does Email Verification Status Mean?

Verifying your email addresses is essential to ensure good email deliverability. However, email verification can be a bit confusing, as we do multiple checks to ensure that the email we mark as valid is 99% deliverable. 

As a beginner, there are chances that you may not be well-versed with the email verification statuses. Don't worry! We are always there to help you out at every step. 🙌

Here's a list of Status you can expect to find 👇

  👉 Status

1️⃣ safe - Email is Valid

2️⃣ valid - Email is Valid

3️⃣ risky - Email might be Valid

4️⃣ invalid - Email is Not Valid

5️⃣ unknown - We couldn't verify the email

Doesn't that seem helpful enough? You would now know what each status means! ✨

   👉 Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have questions in your mind? Here are answers to some common questions. 

1️⃣  What does "unknown" status mean?

In some cases, due to email server security systems, SalesBlink might not be in a position to verify the email.

2️⃣  What does "risky" status mean?

In some cases, the email server security system marks all emails as valid, and it's difficult to distinguish the valid ones from invalid ones, so we mark these as "risky".
If this is an email someone gave you, you can take the risk. 
🔆 We hope you have a clear of email addresses and their status. 
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