How to add prospects to a pipeline?

Once you have your sales pipeline ready, you would obviously want to add prospects to it. After all, what is a pipeline without any prospects, right?
With SalesBlink, you can easily add prospects to a pipeline while creating a new campaign. It won’t take you too long too.🙌 
Here is the step-by-step process 👇

➡️ Go to the SalesBlink Dashboard.

➡️ Click on “Campaigns”.

➡️ Click on “Create New”.

Create new campaign

➡️ Input the campaign name, select a pipeline, and import contacts by uploading a CSV file.

➡️ If you want a sample CSV file, you can easily download it  here.

➡️ Click on “Upload Prospects”.

➡️ Confirm the CSV field name.

Confirm CSV field name

➡️ Create the campaign flowchart. You can add outreach, delay, triggers and change the CRM stage.

Campaign flowchart

➡️ Click "Save".

➡️ Select campaign start date/time and time zone.

Confirm campaign details

➡️ Click on “Schedule Campaign”.

You can view your new campaign  here.

⚡️All the prospects in this campaign can now be managed with the pipeline you selected.

🔆You can always  create custom pipelines.

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