Why is my email tracking wrong?

How email tracking is done?

To track your emails, a tiny pixel image is added to the body of your email, called a tracking pixel.
When the pixel is loaded, our email tracking assumes your recipient has opened the email.
However, it’s easy for email tracking tools to report back inaccurate data.

Let's see why that happens,

False Positives

1. If your tracking pixel is rendered as part of email preview. In this case, the prospect may not open your email but the image will load in the preview.
Email tracking will consider the email opened, leading to a false positive.

2. If the recipient's email client uses bots to scan their email content for malicious or spam content, it is likely that the bots will go through your email multiple times.
This will trigger the tracking pixels and will show false multiple opens.

False Negatives

1. If the prospect you sent the email to, forwards your email to 'n' number of people. Those 'n' new opens will not be tracked.
Instead, it will seem like the original prospect opened the email 'n' number of times.

2. If your prospect is using tracking blocker plugins, the tracking pixels will automatically be blocked.
There will be no chance of knowing if the prospect opened the mail, leading to a false negative.

3. Sometimes, due to default settings, the image auto-load is turned off if the sender is not a part of recipient's email contact list.
And in order to track opens, images must auto-load in a user’s email client.
Therefore, in many cases, the email open is not tracked because the image didn't auto-load due to recipient's account settings.

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