How To Set Custom Domain For Email Tracking?

Are you eager to track clicks? Well, you should be as it can help you measure the performance of your email campaign. ✨

We at, SalesBlink, let you set a custom domain for tracking clicks  

⚡️Wondering Why You Should Set A Custom Domain?

Here’s your answer 👇

Once you set a custom domain, the receiver’s email server cannot backtrack that the email came through SalesBlink (a cold emailing software).

We swap all the tracking links including the unsubscribe links with your custom domain.

This provides better deliverability which is a solid reason to set up a custom domain, right? 

Here’s how you can go about it,

1️⃣ Go to the SalesBlink Dashboard.

2️⃣ Under “Outreach”, click on “Email”.

3️⃣ Click on “Settings”.

4️⃣ Scroll down to the section " Set Custom Tracking Domain/Subdomain".

5️⃣ Enter your domain or subdomain which you want to use to track outgoing emails and click on Save.

6️⃣ You will be required to set an A Record in your DNS provider.

Type Name Value
A Record @ or subdomain

If you want a tutorial for a specific domain provider, here are some links that will be helpful: 

As this is a bit technical, you might need the help of your IT team involved here.

7️⃣ Once you have set the A Record, click on Verify Record to make sure it's set correctly.

8️⃣ You will see a success message once it is set successfully 

That's it 👍! You can now start tracking email clicks ❣️

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