How to find emails from name and domain?

SalesBlink lets you find email address of a person if you have their full name and the company website domain where they work at.

There are two cases.

Find email of a single person

Here is how you can find the email address of one person:

1. Go to SalesBlink Dashboard

2. Under the 'Prospecting' section, click on "People"

Click on "People"

3. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on "Email Search"

Click on "Email Search"

4. You will a section named "Find a single email"

5. Input the full name and company domain


For Elon Musk working at SpaceX, we will input this:

Input details

6. Click on "Find Email"

7. It will display the email address just below the "Find Email" button

Find emails in bulk

1. Here is how you can find the email addresses in bulk:

2. Go to the SalesBlink dashboard

3. Under the 'Prospecting' section, click on "People"

Select "People" under the prospecting section

4. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on "Email Search"

Select "Email Search"

5. You will a section named "Bulk Find"

(SalesBlink allows you to find a maximum of 1000 email addresses at once.)

6. Input the list name

7. Upload the CSV file containing the information needed (first name, last name, and company domain)

(If you don't know the format of the CSV file to be uploaded, you can download it here and enter the required information)

Find emails in bulk

8. Click on "Find Bulk Emails"

9.It will take some time to find all the emails. After that, you can download the CSV with emails

Download emails found

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