Team Management

👋Do you have a large team, and you want to use SalesBlink for it? Don't worry; we give you the option to work with your team seamlessly. It is super easy to add or remove team members and assign permissions. 

Here's How You Can Add Team Members 👇

1️⃣Inside your dashboard, click on your profile picture located at the top right corner. It will open the dropdown menu. 

2️⃣Click on "Manage Team" as you can see below. 

⚡️You will get redirected to the page where you can manage your team and get organized.

3️⃣Go to the section titled "Add a Team Member". 

4️⃣Enter the email id of the user you want to add and click "Invite". Doing so will send the invite!

⚡️Once the person accepts your invitation, he/she will get added to the section titled "Added Team Members" for you to see.

Here's how you can Assign Permissions to Team Members:

At SalesBlink, we make your job easy and that is why, by default, a new team member has basic permissions.

⚡️You are free to make tweaks to those permissions. Just click on the "Manage" Button in front of a team member's email to add/remove permissions from their account.

If you want to give Admin level access to the team member, simply select all permissions, and you are done!

Here's how you can Remove Team Members:

Want to remove members? That is easy too! ❣️

1️⃣On the Manage Team Page, go to the section titled "Your Team". 

2️⃣Go to the row that has the team member's details you want to remove from your team and click on "Delete". 

Yes, it is that easy! 💡

Here's how you can access the account of your team member,

If you want to access your team member's account as an admin, you can do it easily. 

1️⃣On the team management page, find a blue icon in front of each team member's email.

2️⃣Click on the icon to log into the account of a particular team member. Once you log into the account, it is possible to use it as you would typically do. 

3️⃣After you finish using the account, click on the "Back to my account" button on the top left to go back to your admin account.

See how SalesBlink makes it is easy for you to control the accounts of your team members! 🙌

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