How To Update My Password?

Updating passwords from time to time is essential for your account's safety. You can update yours at SalesBlink easily. 🙌 

In this article, we will explain how you can update the password for your account in a stepwise manner so that there is absolutely no chance of going wrong. 

Here we go! ✨

Step 1️⃣. Inside your dashboard, click on your profile picture located at the top right corner. This will open the dropdown menu. 

Step 2️⃣. Click on "Settings". 

Step 3️⃣. Click on "Update password". 

Step 4️⃣. Enter your email address associated with the SalesBlink account and click on "Reset Password".

Step 5️⃣. You will get the reset password link in your email account.

Step 6️⃣. Click on the link to reset your password, and you are done. 

💡There is another way to reset your password, and that is by visiting the Password Reset Page🤏

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