How to create a multi-channel outreach campaign?

Using SalesBlink, you can create a multi-channel outreach campaign with ease.

Here is the step-by-step process:

1. Go to the SalesBlink Dashboard

2. Click on “Campaigns”

Click on Campaign

3. Click on “Create New”

Create new campaign

4. Input the campaign name. Import contacts in CSV form.

If you want a sample CSV file, you can easily download it here

Upload prospects in CSV form

5. Click on "Upload Prospects"

6. Confirm the CSV field name.

Confirm CSV field name

7. Click on “Save and create sequence”

8. Create the campaign flowchart. You can add outreach, delay, triggers and change the CRM stage.

Campaign flowchart

9. Click "Save"

10. Select campaign start date/time and timezone.

Confirm campaign details

11. Click on “Schedule Campaign”

You can view all your campaigns on the campaign page.

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