How To Create A Multi-Channel Outreach Campaign?

This is the age of multi-channel outreach as prospects like to engage across different platforms. You can fulfill this desire of leads using SalesBlink. You can create a multi-channel outreach campaign with ease in no time and reap its benefits. Our aim is to see you winning all the time! ✨

How To Create A Multi-Channel Outreach Campaign?

So, here is the step-by-step process 🙌

👉Step 1. Go to the SalesBlink Dashboard

👉Step 2. Click on “Campaigns”

👉Step 3. Click on “Create New”

Create new campaign

👉Step 4. Enter the campaign name. Import contacts in CSV form.

If you want a sample CSV file, you can easily download it  here.

👉Step 5. Click on "Upload Prospects".

👉Step 6. Confirm the CSV field name.

Confirm CSV field name

You can use these fields later to personalize your emails using macros. These macros are text placeholders that get replaced with the data of the respective field while sending the emails to prospects. This enables personalization at scale that fetches you outstanding results. 
When you create a template on your email editor, you will find default personalization macros. You can select the macro you want to add to the email template from the list available. 

There is also the option to create custom macros using the format - {{ macro-name }} and place them in the email template, and upon sending the email, the macros get replaced with the prospect's data. 

You can personalize call scripts as well with the help of macros. 

👉Step 7. Create the campaign flowchart. You can add outreach, delay, triggers, and change the CRM stage.

Campaign flowchart

For an action like email open, there is a true or false case as shown in the image above. You have the option to run the false case after a specific period of time. You have to mention the time in the field and choose minute/hours/days. For instance, you can choose to run false case after 5 days in order to add some delay. 

👉Step 8. Click "Save"

👉Step 9. Select campaign start date/time and time zone.

Confirm campaign details

👉Step 10. Click on “Schedule Campaign”.

And you are done! 🙌

If you want to view all your campaigns in one place, you can do so by going to the  campaign page.

How To Stop An Ongoing Campaign?

At times you may want to end an ongoing campaign probably because it is not faring well. Whatever may be your reason, SalesBlink lets you stop the campaign easily. 

Here is the step-by-step process

👉Step 1. Go to the SalesBlink dashboard.

👉Step 2. Click on “Campaigns”.

👉Step 3. You can see the campaigns rows.  Go to the campaign you want to stop and click on the “Stop” button as seen in the image below.

Stop campaign

Isn't it, super easy? ❣️

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