How To Set Questions For Meeting Scheduler?

With our meeting scheduler, scheduling meetings with potential customers may seem to be a piece of cake. How about further enhancing the whole experience? 

We've got just the thing for you! ✌️

What if there is an option to ask a few questions to the prospects before they schedule a meeting with you?

You can easily customize the questions as per your preference. 🙌

By default the scheduler would ask the prospect for their full name, email address and the agenda of the meeting.  

If you want to add your own set of questions, here's what you need to do,👇

1️⃣ Go to  'Meetings' under 'Closing'.

2️⃣ Go to 'Settings'.

3️⃣ Scroll down to the 'Set Custom Meeting Scheduler Questions'.

4️⃣ Enter your own question in the 4th filed and click 'Add Question'.

5️⃣ Once you're done, click 'Save' and you are good to go!

🔆 Now when a prospect tries to schedule a meeting with you, the custom questions you added will also appear. 

Isn't that great? Feel free to change the set of questions whenever you wish to. ✨

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