How to Warmup your Email?

Email Warmup is the process of making sure that the emails you send, especially from a new email sender, land in the inbox rather than the recipient's spam folder. Don't you think that it is essential to be so? 
Though it is necessary to warm up your email, doing it manually is a tedious process. However, there's no need to worry as SalesBlink is there to help you. 
Our email warmup tool sends you automated replies as well as moves spam emails to inboxes.
Here's how you can set up email warmup.
1. Connect an Email Sender via SMTP/IMAP.
2. Click on the "Email Warmup" button in front of the respective SMTP/IMAP sender.
3. Configure the limits, how many emails to send each day and other settings.
4. Sit back and relax as your email is now being warmed up.
We recommend at least 30 days of warming up before starting any campaign where you send more than 50 emails per day.
After the initial 30 days, keep the email warmup enabled while you send automated emails.

Using our tool to warm up your email, you can save a considerable amount of time and use it to for other productive tasks. 

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