Lead Capture Forms

Want To Collect Customer Data For Widening Your Database? 

Use lead capture forms to provide visitors to your website with a valuable resource free of cost. You are likely to get good responses as everyone wants freebies! 🙌
SalesBlink lets you create lead capture forms and helps you stay ahead of the competition. ✨ 
You can create forms and embed them on your website. When a leader adds their details, they are automatically added to the campaign, and tasks are scheduled. 🎉
If you are wondering how to do it, here's the step by step guide,
Step 1️⃣. Go to the Campaigns page.

Step 2️⃣. Click on the options button in front of the corresponding campaign.

Step 3️⃣. Click on Create Form.

Step 4️⃣. Add Campaign Fields or Create New Fields.

Step 5️⃣. Click on "Add Form to Website" to get the embed code.

Step 6️⃣. Paste the code on your website (little technical know-how is required for this, try Googling it ;) )

That's it! Now get ready to collect customer data on full-throttle! ❣️

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