Working With LinkedIn Outreach Tasks

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that can help you connect with many people and take you closer to making sales. We at SalesBlink ensure that you make the most of this platform and reach out to potential customers. 🚀

It is easy to schedule LinkedIn outreach tasks with SalesBlink, and let's see how you can do it, 🙌

👉 How Can I Schedule LinkedIn Outreach Tasks?

You can schedule the following LinkedIn Outreach tasks

  • Send Connection Request with Message
  • Send Message

⚡️LinkedIn Outreach Tasks can be scheduled while creating multi-channel outreach campaigns.

👉 How Can I Complete LinkedIn Tasks?

At SalesBlink, we ensure that you complete your LinkedIn tasks in time, and for that, we place them in one place. 

Here's how you can see your scheduled phone tasks,

1️⃣ Go to the 'LinkedIn' tab under Outreach.

2️⃣ You can see the scheduled LinkedIn call outreach tasks listed.

3️⃣ Click on 'complete task' to view the task details and complete the task.

It's that easy!! ❣️

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