How Can I Send Emails With SMTP Only Services?

The main advantage of using SalesBlink is that it lets you send emails through an email service provider of your choice.

⚡️You can connect any email sender service like AWS SES, SendGrid, MailGun etc.

Here is a step-by-step guide 👇

1️⃣ Go to the SalesBlink Dashboard.

2️⃣ Under “Outreach”, click on “Email”.

3️⃣ Click on “Settings”.

The email outreach settings page will open. Click on 'Add SMTP sender'. A pop up will appear where you can proceed with the following steps, 

1️⃣ In the email service field, select “Other”.

Before you continue, you need to get your SMTP provider settings. You can get it from their website or by contacting their support. 

2️⃣ Enter the Sender Username, Sender Password, SMTP Host, and SMTP port you received from your SMTP provider website.

3️⃣ Enter IMAP host and port.

You need to get your IMAP credentials. This is used to track email replies, bounces, etc. It will help you gauge the performance of your email campaign. 

Usually, SMTP-only providers do not provide IMAP support, so you can add your GSuite or other  email sender credentials here.

For Improved deliverability, try to keep the SMTP and IMAP email the same. 

4️⃣ Click on 'Add Sender'.

Once it gets connected, the sender name will appear on the same page.

Now, all your emails will be sent from the email address that you have connected to. 🙌

🔆The best part is that you can add multiple email senders to your account that belong to different ESPs. 

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