Introduction to Multi-Channel Campaigns

Cold Outreach in the 2020s is not the same as the 2010s. You can no longer rely on just one channel for outreach, whether email, calls or LinkedIn. You have to use a combination of all of them to actually hit the bull's eye, and by that, we mean to grab the prospect's attention.

We, at SalesBlink, help you do just that. You can reach out to prospects simultaneously via multiple channels in an effective manner. The outcome will undoubtedly be stunning. That is precisely what SalesBlink aims at. 

Channels you can include 

SalesBlink lets you use the following channels for cold outreach,

1. Email - Cold emailing is still one of the most effective outreach channels, and you can't agree more with it, right? With SalesBlink, you can send personalized and targeted emails to prospects along with scheduling follow-up emails. SalesBlink also makes it possible for you to track email clicks, opens, and replies to find out how your campaign is faring.  

2. Phone - Cold calling may look like a thing of the past, but still, it is pretty relevant to the present day. You can actually get the attention of prospects with an initial cold call. Get the contact number of prospects, reach out to them, and schedule meetings all through SalesBlink. 

3. LinkedIn - Use a professional platform like LinkedIn to reach out to prospects so that they think that you have potential. It is pretty simple to track LinkedIn messages and request status when you use SalesBlink. 

Currently, SalesBlink provides you with these three outreach channels, but this is not the end. We are working towards bringing more channels your way! So, Stay tuned!  

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