Introduction to Phone Outreach

💡Cold calling may not be an activity you look forward to most days, but it is essential for any sales outreach process. However, managing, scheduling, and following up on calls with hundreds of prospects every week can be difficult. You might need some help, and we are there to help you out!

SalesBlink enables you to schedule cold calls with its phone outreach feature easily. You can create multi-channel outreach campaigns coupled with Emails, LinkedIn Outreach, and Phone Calls. You are more likely to hit the jackpot when you use more than one channel. 🙌🏼 

👉 How Does Phone Outreach Work? 

1️⃣ Prospecting 

The first stage involves finding leads and their phone numbers which is accessible with SalesBlink's domain search. You only have to know the company domain to get your results. 

2️⃣ Create Personalized Phone Outreach Templates

You can create personalized phone outreach script templates using macros to add relevant information about each prospect.

This way, you won't have to sit down and work on each prospect individually; you can personalize at scale. You can have a template that you use for all the prospects and use macros wherever you want to. Won't this make your job easier? 

3️⃣ Upload Prospects and Create a Campaign

After you are done with uploading prospects, make sure to add a phone call outreach block while creating your campaign. 

4️⃣ Start Cold Calling

You can now start with your cold calls. Visit the Phone Outreach Tasks page to start cold calling. You can even use Power Dialer if you are using SalesBlink's Cloud Calling feature. More on that in the next section.

👉 Cloud Calls With Power Dialer

By default, you must complete your phone outreach tasks with your own separate calling system.

You can use the SalesBlink Cloud Calling feature to call prospects from SalesBlink's Dashboard.

We use Twilio as our voice provider. Pricing is based on Twilio pricing and passed through directly to you. SalesBlink does not mark up the rates (doesn't that sound cool?)

Once you have purchased a phone number, you can start making cloud calls with the power dialer.

Power Dialer lets you automate the process of dialing in numbers or clicking buttons.

It calls all the prospects in your phone outreach tasks one by one, showing you the call script and other information for the right prospect at the right time.

👉 Recording Cloud Calls

You can enable the recording feature from phone settings to record all cloud calls for future listening. This can help improve the calling skills of your team. Each rep can find out where they are going wrong and how they can fix the issue. A little bit of self-analysis can go a long way in getting you outstanding results. 

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