Introduction To LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn has over 800Mn+ professionals along with 60Mn+ businesses which have an Account on LinkedIn.

This makes LinkedIn the go-to social media for cold outreach, as a lot of these professionals work in businesses as decision-makers.

Reaching out to decision-makers for sales is the quick way to increase your revenues 🚀and hit sales targets as this shortens the sales cycle.

💡The challenge here is to reach out at scale, with multiple follow-ups and personalized messages.

SalesBlink makes it easy to overcome this challenge. 🙌

How Does LinkedIn Outreach Work?

1️⃣  Prospecting 

With SalesBlink's, it is quite easy to find links to prospects' social media profiles, and LinkedIn is one of them. You can search for prospects and get the ball rolling. 
2️⃣  Upload Prospects and Create Campaign

Upload the CSV file having the prospects and build the outreach campaign the way you want to using multiple channels. 

3️⃣  View and Complete Tasks

SalesBlink lets you see all your scheduled LinkedIn outreach tasks in one place so that you can go about completing them manually. This helps in organizing the tasks for you. 

Does SalesBlink Send LinkedIn Message Automatically?

No, SalesBlink does not send LinkedIn messages automatically.

Are you wondering why? 🤔

The following are the reasons why SalesBlink chose not to automate LinkedIn Outreach,

⚡️It's against LinkedIn's policies to do so and we don't want to go against them. 

⚡️Users' profile often gets banned from LinkedIn for automating tasks and we can't see that happen to you. 

🔆SalesBlink creates tasks for your multi-channel campaigns so that you can reach out to your prospects at the right time.

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