Introduction to Personalization

Are you having trouble with cold outreach?🤔Are the recipients not responding actively? It can be because they are not finding your emails relevant as you are not personalizing them. The same goes for your cold calls where prospects feel that there is nothing in store for them.  

💡For cold email outreach, you have to personalize your emails so that you get a better outcome. However, it is a tough task to personalize every email manually. That is why at SalesBlink, we help you personalize emails, calls, and LinkedIn messages at scale. It will help you engage customers better. 

Let's begin with the basics so that you can understand well,

👉What Does Personalization Mean? 

It refers to the process of writing emails and cold call scripts exclusively for every prospect. You try to tailor the sales pitch so that it addresses the challenges faced by the prospect. 

In a way, you are making each email and call exclusive for every prospect which is something they would love. 

👉What Is The Importance Of Personalization?

There are many advantages of personalization. You should try your best to personalize your emails and call scripts because of the following reasons,

1️⃣ It helps build stronger relationships with customers

Prospects feel important and take an interest in you when they see that you have taken the pain to carry out some initial research before reaching out to them. You can build strong bonds with them. Even if you cannot make a sale immediately, they will remember you for your efforts and probably help you with a referral. 

2️⃣ It helps you outshine the crowd

With personalization, you can outshine the crowd and grab the opportunity. When the prospect sees a different-looking email in their inbox filled with generic sales emails, they will feel intrigued to click on your email. This way, you can leave your competitors behind. 

3️⃣ It adds a human touch

In this world of automation, feeling the warmth coming from another human is rare. You can seem more human-like and genuine when you leave the generic email templates behind and try to connect with the prospect on a more human level. The truth is that people are not interested in interacting with robots. 

Are you convinced about personalizing your emails now?

👉How does SalesBlink Help With Personalization?

We understand that while personalization is essential, you can't tailor every email due to time limitations. It is not feasible to do so as well. That is why we let you personalize your cold emails at scale so that you don't have to spend a lot of time working on one. 

You can create templates for emails and cold call scripts with macros. Macros are variables you can insert in the body of your email, the subject line or the call script. All you need to do is upload text data for that macro while uploading your prospects. Our tool will pick it up and place it in the correct place for you. 

👇Here's what you will find helpful, 

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