How to find emails of company descision makers?

When you are selling a product or service, you would want to connect with the decision-maker of the prospect company, and it is pretty obvious. Doing so would help in saving your time tremendously as you can bypass people who don't have the purchasing authority. 

Here is how you can find the decision-makers of a company, ðŸ‘‡

1️⃣ Under prospecting, click on 'Companies'.

2️⃣ Enter the country, industry and team size in the respective fields.
You can select multiple countries or industries at once to make your job easier!

3️⃣ Hit the Search button.

You will get a list of companies with details like website and social media handles.

4️⃣ To find emails of decision-makers of these companies, just select the companies and hit "Search Emails".

5️⃣ If the emails for decision-makers of those companies exist, you will see the list of emails, phone numbers and names.

🔆You can then get ready to put in efforts in the right direction and reach out to the decision-making authorities. 

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