Introduction To Prospecting

Before you start with your Multi-Channel Campaigns, it's essential to build your list of prospects first; that's where prospecting comes in. It is obvious that searching for prospects is where you should start from, isn't it? 

👉 What Is Prospecting?

Let's first understand what prospecting means. ðŸ¤”

Prospecting is the first step in the sales process, which consists of identifying potential customers, aka prospects. Prospecting aims to develop a database of likely customers and then systematically communicate with them to convert them from potential customers to current customers. 

It may seem easy, but it takes a tremendous amount of effort if you have to do all of it manually. 

👉 Prospecting With SalesBlink

SalesBlink makes prospecting easy for you. It makes finding companies, searching for email addresses and phone numbers of prospects a simple task. Here's what all you have,

1️⃣ Company Finder

Find Companies across 200 countries in 100+ Industries, sort by company size as well. 

2️⃣ Email Search

Find emails by name and domain of prospect, receive emails verified in real-time with 99% accuracy.

3️⃣ Domain Search

Find Emails and Phone Numbers of company decision-makers by just entering their company website domain. 

🔆You can save a lot of time with SalesBlink and use it in other sales process stages. That is why automation is so sought-after! 

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