Introduction to Email Verification

Ever wondered what will happen when you send emails to incorrect or non-existent email addresses? It will lead to bounces that can affect your sender reputation and email deliverability to a great extent. Moreover, mailing spam traps repeatedly can increase the chances of getting marked as spam. Therefore, it is important to verify email addresses for cold emails.

What is Email Verification?

Email verification is the process of making sure the emails on your list are tied to an inbox. In other words, it's making sure that the messages you're sending have somewhere to go.

Why is Email Verification Important?

3 ways how Email Verification before sending cold emails helps:

Eliminate hard bounces

Hard bounces mostly occur because the email address no longer exists, was a fictitious email address, or was closed by the user.

Reduces Spam Complaints

Best practice dictates that for every 5,000 email messages sent out you should receive less than five spam complaints.


Getting blacklisted stops your messages (including vital transactional emails) from getting accepted by the server, email verification helps you eliminate this.

Common reasons for an Email Address to be Invalid:

  1. Domain does not exist
  2. Change of job
  3. Change of position
  4. There are typos and syntax errors
  5. The email provider is dead

How Does Email Verification Work?

All email verifiers don’t work the same way, but most of them follow a 3-step process,

1. Syntax check – This makes sure that the email doesn’t return unopened because of errors like spaces and invalid characters.

2. Domain check – Domain check will check whether the email address exists at the domain and works fine. 

3. Email ping check – Email verification using ping checks determines the active status of an email. 

What's the Accuracy of Email Verification?

SalesBlink's Email Verification system is 99% Accurate, that means you can can reach out to cold prospects with confidence!

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